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About PTR

PTR was founded in 2013 by Johnny 'The Seagull' Horrocks, as he and his buddy 'Pitty' spent hours exploring the Mornington Peninsula's trails.

It attracted a growing number of members who met regularly to run local trails and enter trail running events, and was led behind the scenes by a small team of individuals. 

These individuals agreed that the natural progression of the group was to become an Incorporated Association, and so on 31st May 2016 PTR became Peninsula Trail Runners Inc and so began a new chapter in its history.

On the 2nd December 2019 PTR became 'unincorporated' returning back to its roots and continues on as a group of absolutely mad trail runners just running for fun

There is purpose and meaning to the PTR logo (Bad Leroy), tag line and fonts, so what is it all about.......

The Running Man Logo


Running is basic, simple, we can all do it, remember when we were kids; we ran everywhere. Also as a kid Johnny had a Sinclair computer, totally retro 8 bit logos, awesome stuff, so he recreated this basic, simple 8 bit running man, but added a modern ‘3D’ twist to it.

The running man logo is copywright of Johnny Horrocks 2014

Bad Leroy 


One day Johnny thought it possible to make a Lego model of the running man, and it worked. Lego movie is a fav movie of Pitty’s so he linked the two and decided he would name it after a Lego Movie character- do you know which one?

Bad Leroy and the PTR logo is copywright of Johnny Horrocks 2014

The Text


“Crossing the Rubicon”:

Means to take an irrevocable step that commits one to a specific course; let the die be cast (around 49BC Caesar had to cross the Rubicon river knowing when he did he had to go to war).

With trail running we all reach that point of no return, that first 5k, 10k, half, marathon….ultra, and once we cross we never go back.

The PTR font:

It’s called ‘Run Away’- very apt

Crossing the Rubicon as part of the PTR logo is copywright of Johnny Horrocks 2014

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