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We are PTR

We had a great turn out Friday night and a fantastic response to membership before, on and since the night.

Thank you to everybody that has joined us so far and welcome to PTR.

Peninsula Trail Runners Inc would not exist if it were not for the awesome, social, inclusive group of absolutely mad trail runners that have come together over the last couple of years to run and support each other.

A small group of people have been working hard behind the scenes over the last few weeks to make it happen. We thank Hockingstuart Frankston and Cranbourne, our first official supporter for 2016-2017, for their assistance in enabling us to set up as an Incorporated Association, affiliate with Athletics Victoria and provide the club with Public Liability Insurance. We also greatly appreciate the generous donations we have received from some of our members.

A number of local businesses that support our focus on health and wellbeing and the needs of trail runners donated some fantastic products/services for those who showed their support by being the first to sign up. Thank you to Turbosuperfoods, Sharpy’s Beer Run, PARC, Amazing Oils, Running Bug, Peak 15 Personal Training, Muddy Hell, Peninsula Hot Springs, Footpro, Golden Gorilla and Lou Augello. Details of the prizes and winners can be found below.

Our ongoing success is now dependent on our AWESOME members.

To fund the ongoing costs and keep our membership fee to a minimum we need to attract members. To be a ‘presence’ in the trail running world we need to get our name out there. Be a proud PTRer whenever you run or volunteer wear us, talk about us, tag us and ‘share’ us everywhere.

To operate, run our own events and support local events we rely on members and volunteers. YOUR support is what will make PTR, and your help will be warmly welcomed.

Feel free to ‘host’ a social run or training run or coordinate a social event, just let us know so we can add it to the scheduled events as a ‘one off’ or regular occurrence.

Support the website and forward information about upcoming events for the ‘Calender of Events’, pictures for the ‘Gallery’ or a review of a run, event or any other contribution for ‘News & Updates’.

And finally

We are a trail running club so get out and about, enjoy the wonders of trail running and the fabulous area in which we live, explore new trails, encourage others to get out and about, and when you are not running support those that are.

Everything is awesome, everything is cool when your part of a team, everything is awesome when we’re living our dream.



First 50 members received a membership pack containing: PARC guest pass and Amazing Oils Magnesium pain relief sample

First 20 members received 10% off registration to Sharpy’s Beer Run

(nb some members have passed this wonderful offer on to the next in line):

  • Pitty Adams

  • Jasmine Park

  • Jacqui Ridgway

  • Cindy Robins

  • Gus Strangis

  • Lucy Stabb

  • Marnie Grace

  • Lizzie Summers

  • Tracey Nisbett

  • Daniel Nisbett

  • Karen McKeown

  • Ian Collinge

  • Catherine Collinge

  • Richard Willis

  • Maureen MacDonald

  • Gene McGoldrick

  • Lisa Burton

  • Paul Stansfield

  • Zoe England

  • Shelley Vellin

Turbosuperfoods Tub -Gail Higgins

Turbosuperfoods Tub -Zoe England

Turbosuperfoods Tub -Richard Willis

Turbosuperfoods Voucher –Sally Watson

Turbosuperfoods Voucher –Lou Augello

Turbosuperfoods Voucher –Tim Baldwin

Turbosuperfoods Voucher –Lizzie Summers

Turbosuperfoods Voucher –Rose Fuller

Turbosuperfoods Voucher –Ian Collinge

Peak 15 PT Slant Board and Stability Disc Programme 2x 1hr sessions –Jarred Scull

Running Bug Running Programme 2x1hr sessions -Mark Carmody

Sharpy’s Beer Run Registration –Lisa Burton

Muddy Hell Adult Entry –Deb Sharp

Muddy Hell Kid Entry –Tracey Nisbett

Muddy Hell Kid Entry –Pitty Adams

Peninsula Hot Springs Off Peak Voucher –Daniel Nisbett

Peninsula Hot Springs Off Peak Voucher –Shelley Vellin

Footpro $50 Voucher –Karen Mckeown

Golden Gorilla $40 fruit and vegetable box –Joanna Maidment

Lou Augello $20 off massage –Jodie Hogan


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