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PTR in Wonderland-review by the Seagull

So where do I start when the whole weekend was awesome? The event, the trails, the weather, the PTR crew???

Let’s start with the weather: it was sh1t!

Now onto the event: it was insane!

Unfortunately I was ill last year and had to pull the pin before the start, frustratingly everyone back then gave me personal race reviews and it didn’t help, it made me realise I had missed something special. This year I made amends and finished a unique race.

Back to the weather: it was sh1t if not sh1tter!

The trails: from all accounts everyone loved the trails.

Saturday on the lower slopes meant most if not all got PB’s, nice work to you all.

Sunday’s trails could have been stunning had visibility lifted to more than 10mtrs on the mountains.

Honestly, they were simply great, it would take too long to fully explain them, trust me they were bloody awesome.

Back to the weather: sh1tterererer.

PTR crew: now this is where PTR excel, as a social group we are super social. As a branded group we are super brand aware, the PTR branding was EVERYWHERE and everyone knew it. Bad Leroy was out there loud and ‘in ya face’. We even got a PTR banner in the start/finish shoot, sweet!

I am constantly suprised by the camaraderie of PTR, you are the life and blood of this group and you keep making it stringer, healthier and so much fun to be part of……I could never have envisaged how PTR would have evolved. If it was only half of what it is now I’d have been stoked, however it is much, much more than that; it is AWESOME and we have only just started on this journey.

Now back to the weather: it was AWESOME…..!

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