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PTR Ambassadors for 2017-18

The winner of PTR’s inaugural Ambassador Award was announced at our recent AGM, and we would like to recognise and thank all those that were nominated as PTR AMBASSADORS on the night, which included the Full Committee and 6 individuals, including



The Committee:

Johnny Horrocks, Pitty Adams, Ron Tait, Justine Horrocks, Mark Carmody and Jayne Carmody

All have done an awesome job- they are all totally PTR


Justine Horrocks

Works tirelessly behind the scenes…spending more hours than people would believe doing all things PTR


Joanna Maidement

Persistent. Determined. Inspires. Supportive. Crossed the Rubicon many times.

Has a love for PTR and the people in it, we are her second family.


Annabel Brown

Encouraging. Supportive. Beautiful Smile. Kind words. Bright personality.

Loves hitting the trails, having a chat and taking photos.

Happy to run whatever pace happens to be going at the time.

Whilst making it clear she has no intention of running an ultra, loves being part of these events and supporting people where she can.


Louisa Augello

Supportive. Encouraging. Crazy. Fun loving.

Tattoo of Bad Leroy and ‘keep going’ on her calf to inspire those behind her.

Supports runners’ participation in many different ways and a continued supporter of PTR


Mark Carmody

Supportive. Encouraging. Enabling. Happy. Humble. Unassuming.

Quiet worker at the back of the pack. A genuinely all round friendly guy.


Jayne Carmody

Supportive. Encouraging. Friendly. Supportive. Encouraging. Welcoming. Caring.

Crazy Nutty. Bloody Awesome.

Fought her own battle and has Crossed the Rubicon. Instigator of the Spenser Davis Group.

Opened doors for people to come running who previously would not have come.

Works tirelessly behind the scenes as a PTR Committee Member.

PTR is more than a running club and Jayne has had a big part in creating that culture.

Louisa missing from photo

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