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Member Profile- Michael

Mike currently holds the record for some of the best race photos!

1. Name or Nickname: Mike (aka Magic)

2. When did you start running and why? I got into running when I was about 26. My friend had registered for a 12-person, 216 mile relay race and desperately needed runners to fill the team. I went and had a blast. We ended up finishing the race with only 8 runners. I loved the atmosphere of being around so many active people. After that, another friend started dragging me out on trail runs through some very beautiful country that I never realized was right in my back yard. The trails are what really turned me into a runner.

3. What do you love most about running? - Getting into that zone where your mind wonders from the actual running and you just start reflecting on life as you journey through the scenery. I’ve had so many amazing moments out in the forests, deep in thought. - The energy. I love the energy that surrounds races. No matter how hard I push myself in training, I can always seem to push myself harder during a race. It’s not so much the competitiveness (cause lets face it, I’m never going place high in my age group) but more about being surrounded by so many people who are pushing themselves. It’s this environment that helps me put in that extra effort to jump/pose for trail shots and give random spectators high-fives.

4. What can’t you run without? Typically, Music (see Motivation below)

5. What is your most memorable run/event? Definitely my first and only 50k I ran back in Oregon.

6. What is your favourite running accessory (shoes/clothes/other)? Shoes. Definitely shoes. I swear by Brooks Cascadia’s. They have always been great for me. Although, I’ve spent many a penny on impulse buys on kicks that just look awesome.

7. Have you ever been injured? Yes. Running my 50k race brought old ankle sprain to the surface and eventually led to a Lateral Ligament Reconstruction operation on my right ankle.

8. What keeps you motivated? Music. Yes, there are times when the sound of the forest is beautiful. However, music can add so much emotion and energy to my running. I’ve had so many instances where it seems like just the right song comes on at just the right spot on a trail. Whether it’s a fast-paced pick-me-up like Fatboy Slim’s Funk Soul Brother, a nice, find-your-zone song like Avicii’s - Wake Me Up (Avicii Speed Remix), or that push-it-for-the-home-stretch tune of Bonnie Tyler’s Holding Out For a Hero (you may laugh, but seriously give it a try sometime), the songs I choose can really help me set the tone and pace. I even have a few epic movie soundtracks in my playlist because sometimes, feeling like you’re an epic badass on a mission can really help push you through.

9. Your favourite pre and post run food? Pre-race: Toasted PB&J bagel and double shot of espresso (it’s a beautiful combo) Post Race: Burger and a beer or two…..or three (cause yeah, I earned it)

10. What is your next run event? Cathedrals Challenge 21k

11. What’s your running dream or current goal? I’d like to get back up to 50k+ running condition

12. Do you have any Pre-race routines? Watching the various pre-race routines of those who are a bit more serious . Pre-Race Selfies/Groupies

13. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run? 31.2 Miles (50k)

14. Lesson learnt or best tip for your fellow runners? HAVE FUN!!! It’s about the journey, not the destination. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t let those who do ruin it for you.

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