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Our first Ultra - UTA

To tell the truth it didn't start great.

Darren had been injured for about a month before with his knee and calf and about 10 days before UTA I got a baker cyst on the back of my knee which cause a build up of fluid on the front part of the knee which makes it very stiff, not great for running but we were doing it anyway .

Darren started off strong but at the 17km mark decided to wait for me as he knew I wasn't doing so good. I have to say that I have never see as many steps in my life and there was still lots more to come. I started to cramp at the 10km from my toes right up legs and of course took tumble at about the 21km point but had a lovely lady help me up as I was cramping again and another one gave me some salt tablets to help. So about 25km in Darren started to get into a bit of trouble with this knee we were happy to see that aid station at the 28km mark. There were lots of hills, now if you would call them that I don't know, some might say ski slopes or goat tracks I think I might have called them a few other words. Still had a few kms to go but we just carry on as you do. Darren got a new lease of life after nearly knocking himself out on a tree branch and then came the famous furber steps which is just what you need it's a great feeling to reach them even better to get to the top and there was Darren waiting for me.

I couldn't believe it we crossed the line together it was great to see our PTR friends at the finish line. We loved it and yes would do it again hopefully next time without the camps and knee problems. The people out there were great, very friendly and helpful and thanks Darren for all your support.

Maureen MacDonald- PTR Member

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