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The winner of PTR’s Ambassador Award was announced at our recent AGM, and we would like to recognise and thank all those that were nominated as PTR AMBASSADORS on the night. MARK CARMODY- the PTR AMBASSADOR AWARD WINNER

*** Seema

Always positive and enthusiastic about trail running, PTR and the people of PTR



Almost always attends on a Thursday night. Happy to run or walk with anyone injured. Comes to events she’s not running in to support other team members



Introduced me to PTR. Always showing an interest in my running. Inviting me along to runs. Great asset to the club



Supports PTR in every possible way. Positive. Supportive of every individual within PTR

Not fast, but has constantly achieved in tough events. Quirky personality. On the committee



Quietly encourages everyone during runs. Smashing her goals and continues to work toward new ones. Carries out her committee duties with aplomb



Looks out for and encourages everyone in the group. Embodies the idea of Crossing the Rubicon. Totally inspired by his guts and determination. Totally Mad. Backbone and heart of PTR



Totally supportive of PTR and everyone in it. Huge amount of behind the scenes work that goes unseen. Countless hours administering PTR. Without her there would be countless tasks that would go inactioned. Drives the committee. A true leader of the group



Amazing and generous person. Selfless personality. Generosity. Genuinely lovely guy. Loves to run. Always up for a chat. Happy to run and encourage anyone and everyone. Runs and chats with everyone, Encourages people to work towards their goals. Encourages runners of all levels to get out and enjoy it. Always there for others. Reminds people through his words and actions that the most important is to enjoy the trails. Total inspiration. Integrity. Incredibly generous spirit. Helps us all to challenge ourselves. Gives himself completely to others. Prepared to sweep or lead. Happy to be leading a run, shuffling through the pack, or acting as a sweep. Loves running anywhere, at any pace, with any person. Always checking on other runners. Can be found hanging around supporting other runners coming over the finish line. Spent time on training runs with other PTR members. Helping others run further and faster than have done before

Ran the Surf Coast Marathon with Seema enabling her to complete her first marathon under cut of time and helping her achieve that difficult milestone with his standard cheery and encouraging smile which was very inspiring. Helped another member to complete her first marathon distance run. Embodies the essence of what PTR is all about

Missing from the picture: Seema, Karen, Kirk.

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