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Member Profile-Tim

1. Name or Nickname?

Tim, Timbo or Baldy.

2. When did l start running and why?

I had always wanted to go to Mt Everest base camp. One day down at the fish n chip shop my brothers and I starting talking about going. One of my brother's said to me I needed to drop some weight and get fit. The seed had been planted, that was April 2009. I started running after work with my mate who was a marathon runner and not long after that I had signed up for the Melbourne half marathon.

3. What do you love most about running?

I love running with family and friends. When you’re on the trails we are just a big family.

4. What can't you run without?

I was going to say shoes but I run 6km carrying my shoe's in Wings for life along the Monash freeway after I got blisters on both heels.

5. What is your most memorable run/event?

My first Melbourne marathon (up to 7 now) and 2Bay56 earlier this year.

6. What is your favourite running accessory (shoes/clothes/other?)

The 35th Melbourne marathon anniversary singlet.

7. Have you ever been injured?

I missed the first Sharpies Beer Run with a rolled ankle. I did it on a PTR Thursday night run at the Pines.

8. What keeps you motivated?

At the moment I have started to think about 2Bays.

9. Your favourite pre and post run food?

Coffee and cereal for breakfast and anything put in front of me after a big run.

10. What is your next run event?

Parkrun next Saturday and 2Bays in early Jan.

11. What’s your running dream or current goal?

Dream is running sub 4 hours in a marathon. Running 10 Melbourne marathon's and finishing 2Bays 56 next year.

12. Do you have any Pre-race routines?

I always try to have pasta the night before a big run.

13. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?


14. Lesson learnt or best tip for your fellow runners?

Don't throw your rubbish out on your runs and try to be helpful and encourage other runners.

Listen to other runner's tips if they have ran the event before.

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