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Member Profile- Stanners aka Paul

1. Name or Nickname:


2. When did you start running and why?

The fact is I use to detest running. When I met Lisa, I was very active at the gym, mountain biking and generally staying active in life. 5 years ago I weighed about 120kgs, due to poor diet and in a slump in life, to this day, photos of those times are still my motivation.

My first running event was at the Trail Running Series at Studley Park in 2015, initially I was just going to support Lisa but decided the morning of the event to give it a go. I had never run in an event before but I signed up for the 5km with a goal to finish without walking. Surprisingly I was able to do the 5km without stopping and what a feeling running through the finish line… After that I got the running bug and signed up for so many events and joined a number of running groups.

3. What do you love most about running?

Without a doubt I love the friends that I have gained through running. Absolutely love the places it takes me and the people involved in the scene.

4. What can’t you run without?

I cannot run without my Brookes trainers, with all the issues I have had this year with my feet, they are the only thing that has kept me out on the trails.

5. What is your most memorable run/event?

I will always remember the feeling of my first run, but my absolute favourite run was Run Forrest, this event was in 2016, June long weekend. I signed up for the 10km distance and no other event has ever matched it. Absolutely loved it, 5kms up and 5km down… I remember to this day looking down at every ones trainers at the start line and said to Lisa, why are everyone in road runners… to say it was amusing running past all the people coming back down in there road trainers was hilarious, they were slipping and sliding all over the place in the mud.

The other event that I will never forget was at Harrietville in 2017… best weekend away ever for running… Awesome place, run and amazing people. The Halloween wonder around the streets and dance on musically still cracks me up now and will always be one of my favourite moments.

Then there’s Surf Coast Century… The event that sucks me in every year… This year the plan was to stick to short distance and work on my 5km times, well as soon as entries opened for surf coast, I was hook, line and sinker… Next year will probably be the same…

6. What is your favourite running accessory (shoes/clothes/other)?

Everyone usually says there watch for this question, I am pretty much the same… My Garmin Vivoactive 3 is a must… Probably too much info, but for long runs my 2XU compression shorts… Stops the chaffe.

7. Have you ever been injured?

Lots of little niggling injuries… mainly my own fault due to at times being lazy in my running program and not stretching or using the foam roller as much as I should. I have gotten better this year at both staying to my program, stretching and the dreaded foam roller. My latest injury would be the most frustrating in my running life… Damn old body and calves…

8. What keeps you motivated?

Many things do, I still have my old photos from years ago, but most of all my family, Lisa, Gene and Roma as well as all the awesome running friends I’ve made keeps me motivated and at times I get over running but then I miss it and everyone and then I’m back. Besides if I let it slip too much, it hurts more to start from scratch…

9. Your favourite pre and post run food?

I love pizza or pasta as a pre-run food… actually I love pizza anytime…. Post run has to involve BEER… Bring on the Beer Run….

10. What is your next run event?

My next event is Rollercoaster, have wanted to do this one for a while, then Duncans Run 21km, and Sharpys Beer Run, hopefully Run Forrest in June… It will most likely lead to Surf Coast Century 2019….

11. What’s your running dream or current goal?

I have a dream of running a half in under 2 hours and park run in under 24 minutes… I did Run Melbourne this year and did 2Hr and 9 minutes, so maybe next year is the year. I have other dreams of running half marathons in other countries such as London and Canada.

12. Do you have any Pre-race routines?

No major pre-race routines. I am always nervous about events. I always go out to fast (well too fast for my pace, slow for others).

13. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?

Furthest I have ever run is Surf Coast Century this year, Leg 3 28kms…

14. Lesson learnt or best tip for your fellow runners?

Never underestimate your relationship with your foam roller. I also think learning good technique is super important, every time I run, I try to practice the techniques I have been shown by more experienced great runners that I see and talk too weekly. Be humble, be a trail runner…

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