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Member Profile- PTR founder and president- Johnny 'the seagull' Horrocks

1. Name or Nickname :

The Seagull

2. When did you start running and why?

The first ‘run’ I recall was ‘fanging’ it out of the back gate of school as soon as my parents dropped me off at the front gate….

My real passion for running started around 2014 when I elevated my obstacle race training and added more running.

3. What do you love most about running?

Connection - when you capture one of those sublime moments when you realise where you really are, when you REALLY connect with nature and everything FLOWS… Eutopia…

4. What can’t you run without?

Thir or wrist sweatband – I’m a sweater….

5. What is your most memorable run/event?

Wild Wombat FatAss – Lerderderg State Park with Pitty: 40ks, 40deg, lost, ran out of water/food and cramping like never before or after – that triggered my desire for endurance running and to push myself further

6. What is your favourite running accessory (shoes/clothes/other)?

I love my Goodr sunnies right now– better than all the previous ‘running glasses’ I’ve paid a fortune for

7. Have you ever been injured?

Do bears shit in the woods? Hell yeah, and I feed from it. First, I’m seriously pissed off then I focus on how ‘not to injure’ that part of me again and try to ‘future proof it’ – constant state of learning – we fall we stand we start again…

8. What keeps you motivated?

Three things:

[if !supportLists]1) [endif]BHAGs – Big Hairy Audacious Goals – I am ‘challenge’ driven, the scarier the better and even if I don’t succeed the actual path taken is learning in itself – be warned though, BHAGs can create big ‘black dog days’, be ready for the aftermath…

[if !supportLists]2) [endif]Seeing new members joining PTR – the constant steady flow of new PTR members really surprises me, PTR must be doing something right

[if !supportLists]3) [endif]There is no three.

9. Your favourite pre and post run food?

Pre Pre – beers the night before for sure

Pre - Four Weetbix – this is the future of endurance running, trust me

Post – whatever plant-based food I can get my hands on – however, if you ask Justine she will say I don’t eat enough, I’m not a big eater.

10. What is your next run event?

I don’t have one.

My current focus is to chuck on a hydration pack and just ‘run’ – no pressure, no arbitrary times/distance, just reconnect with running. However, I do have a yearning to give SC100 one more crack to get a sub 12hrs…. no! …no! I’m not racing ….. or am I ? [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

11. What’s your running dream or current goal?

To be truly recognised as a gnarly old dude who can run trails, has the knowledge and experience to share with the whole trail running community and be an ambassador and benefactor for the sport, but always be humble.

12. Do you have any Pre-race routines?

Yes, never take this shit seriously, talk to as many people as possible and get them ready to ‘BOUNCE’.

13. What’s the farthest you’ve ever run?

168klms constant for 38hrs (DU135)

14. Lesson learnt or best tip for your fellow runners?

[if !supportLists]1) [endif] ‘Halfway Point Trick’: In a big run make your ‘halfway point’ further than the real halfway point, it’s mentally rewarding, trust me I’m a gnarly old dude who runs trails…

[if !supportLists]2) [endif]Expel that air out of your drinks bladder before you start your run, the sloshing drives you and others bloody insane…!

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