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Achilles Australia

Their aim is to increase the participation of people with a disability in physical activities, and they achieve this by providing training opportunities and sponsorship for members with a disability to fun run events.

Achilles have now started a Mornington Peninsula group that meet at 8.30am at the Frankston Foreshore Visitor Information Centre on Sunday mornings, though they are still working on boosting the membership of people with a disability in this area.

If PTR members would like to get involved and support Achilles:

1) sign yourself up to their newsletter here, be sure to read their FAQs on the site here.

2) attend a training session. The Tan sessions have a dedicated guide trainer each week.

3) if you want to become a member, complete a membership form club shirts are only ordered once to twice a year so it may take some time to get a shirt to a new member. The easiest way to access shirts is to attend a Tan training session.

For more info, contact their member coordinator, Peggy (

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