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I started my running journey basically to lose weight and gain some fitness back after having two kids (30kg down to date). I hated running, hated the idea of it and I was no good at it. Once I started and started pushing myself I unlocked this whole new world within myself, a world of capabilities and not being good at something but still giving it your best each and every day. A world of sanity, peace, love for myself and freedom. My most peaceful and relaxing part of my day was the one where I was physically exhausted. Oh and not to mention that amazing ‘runners high’!

I joined PTR in April 2018, I had heard of it a while ago from Darren who came into work telling me about an awesome crew that ran trails at night, I thought he was insane and it sounded like a disaster waiting to end up in some form of a broken bone...later on I met Kelly through RMA and once again PTR was brought up so I thought I would give it a go. Safe to say that my husband was a tad worried about me driving to Langwarrin to meet a bunch of strangers in the dark and go off on a run, but I survived and most importantly I loved it and have tried to attend every Thursday run that I can make it to.

Since then I’ve been converted to a trail runner and rarely run roads anymore, trails just bring soooo much more to the table! Back in November last year I went to the PTR weekend away in Harrietville which was amazing! Sitting around the fireplace at night I remember thinking ‘wow I’ve found ‘my’ people’, just a bunch of fun loving trail rebels who are out to have a good time! I’ve completed quite a few events, I love collecting bling and crave the atmosphere on race day, I generally just plod along and do my own thing but one day soon I’d like to ramp up my training and see what I’m capable of.

UTA22, Warburton 30, Rollercoaster 21, Rokeby 14, Duncan’s 21, Afterglow 21, Maroondah Dam 30, and Mount Macedon 30 are just a few of the events that I’ve done, along with plenty of road races. Coming up I have Wonderland, Surf Coast 50km, Two Bays, and Oscars Hut2hut. A few tough ones but I’m always up for a challenge and it keeps me motivated to keep putting one foot in front of the other! That’s it for now...

Rikki Burgess

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