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The winner of PTR’s Ambassador Award was announced at our recent AGM, and we would like to recognise and thank those that were nominated as PTR AMBASSADORS on the night. Johnny Horrocks- the PTR AMBASSADOR AWARD WINNER

Johnny has always been PTR

He started Peninsula Trail Runners way back when it was just him and Pitty running the trails around the Peninsula. He had a vision to share his passion for trail running and to encourage and support others to experience the joys of running on the trails in what has become known as the PTR garden.

First impressions “this bloke operates a bit outside of normal”. On one occasion he appeared out of the bush with no pants on claiming it was too hot for pants!

It was then I realised how far ‘out there’ he actually was.

Entertaining people with his youthful enthusiasm he’s taken us on some amazing adventures and gotten us lost more times than I can remember. His love of trails is infectious and whether he's leading the pack or filtering through chatting away to everyone as they run, he goes above and beyond to make people feel included in every run.

He certainly always manages to put a smile on my dial, even when the running is hard I’ve loved every bit of it.

Johnny has worked as President and committee member since PTR’s incorporation and with that comes a vast amount ‘behind the scenes’ work to ensure it continues to run year on year, activities including organising runs, designing merchandise, organising supporters etc.

All done with a smile on his face and a love for all things PTR.

It’s no surprise you started this PTR group as where else would you fit in?

If anybody represents PTR and embodies its purpose Johnny does as its founder and the fact that he has been a continued presence and supporter of PTR since its creation and that we are all members of the club.

Thank you Johnny for sharing your passion and your ongoing commitment to PTR.

*** Macca McDonald

Macca is at most Thursday night runs and picks up everyone in the back end (even though he’s quite a speedy runner), making sure everyone is included and doesn’t feel pressured. He reaches out to other runners that are in a ‘running rut’ and offers support and advice to others wishing to pursue running goals. He stays back at events to watch his team mates cross their rubicons.

He is an all round top bloke and gentleman. Thank you for being you Macca!


Additional recognitions

Mark Carmody

If anybody has looked at the first pictures posted on facebook from January 2014 they will see another familiar face alongside Johnny and Pitty and that is Mark Carmody- another long time member who should be acknowledged for his continued support to PTR.

Justine Horrocks (not Read out on the night)

Justine is the woman who stands beside Johnny in life and at every twist and turn of the PTR journey. She puts in long hours as Secretary of the club and should be recognised for her enormous contribution, thank you Justine.

Macca missing from the picture at his request.

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