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PTR are supporting our President Johnny aka 'The Seagull' as he takes on Down Under 135 (DU135) in support of the McGrath Foundation.  

A little back ground:

Two people who are very close to Johnny have brought breast cancer awareness to his attention.

The first is his mum Eugene who has just recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, has had surgery and is undergoing chemotherapy.

The second is his very close friend Jayne; a valuable member of the PTR committee, who has been through the worst of this and is recovering and doing a fantastic job rebuilding her life.

Eugene lives in Portugal and being so far away he is unable to provide any direct support or a helping hand so, in support of her, Jayne and the breast care nurses that support families experiencing breast cancer across Australia (sadly not Portugal) he has decided to raise money for the McGrath Foundation by competing in one of the Southern Hemisphere’s gnarliest running races: Down Under 135, his rational: 

“it  (DU135) cannot possibly be as hard or as difficult as what my mum and others with breast cancer are experiencing. I cannot start to comprehend what they are going through, so as a mark of respect I thought I’d attempt something so outrageously difficult to push my physical and mental strength to the absolute maximum and at the same time bring awareness and much needed funds to breast cancer care nurses”. 


Johnny is aiming to raise $5000 for the McGrath foundation and Peninsula Trail Runners have pledged that if he reaches this target we will fund a tattoo of ‘bad leroy’ (PTR’s logo) somewhere on his body as a permanent reminder and we get to choose where that tattoo goes!!

Peninsula Trail Runners are supporting Johnny through the 135 miles (217kms) and 54 hours by providing the crew and pacers he needs to undertake this crazy event.

VLOG's and updates:

For further information and updates on Johnny's fundraising, training and to view his totally mad VLOG's check out his event Facebook page @TheSeagullDU135 here

Down Under 135:

DU135 is a single stage non stop race over April 6,7,8 2018 covering 135 miles (217km) in 54 hours across single trails of the Lerderderg and Wombat State Forests in Victoria located 40km west of the Melbourne CBD. Entry to the race is limited to 35 participants who meet the specific requirements to qualify and can be run as a solo unassisted participant or a crewed participant. 

In 2017 out of the 30 participants registered for the event, 17 started and just 5 finished the reduced course of 125 mile (202km).

Click here for more information regarding DU135

McGrath Foundation: 

Every breast cancer experience is different. That's why the McGrath Foundation aims to make life that little bit easier for individuals and families experiencing breast cancer. They raise money to place specialist McGrath Breast Care Nurses wherever they're needed and these nurses help individuals (and their families) experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support from the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment, and this support is available for free.

Click here for more information regarding the McGrath Foundation

How you can help:

All donations for this great cause, large and small, are welcomed and greatly appreciated and can be made via Johnny's McGrath fundraising page. For every donation you will be emailed a tax-deductible receipt straight away but EVEN better every donation gets a personal mention in his VLOG's- go on you know you want to be part of that madness- click here to go to the fundraising page 

To undertake this massive event Johnny and is crew are also looking to the local community to assist with the provision of support, services and the equipment required. We have various ways to recognise and thank our supporters, and would love the opportunity to discuss any assistance you can provide and answer any questions you my have. Please feel free to contact Justine -PTR secretary on 0413832135.

The Seagull does DU135:

The Seagull did DU135 whilst the rest of us looked on in awe and admiration as he kept going, despite the pain*, exhaustion and lack of sleep to complete 101 miles (163kms) in 37hrs 30mins.

*he injured his hip after a fall at 90km but continued on to complete a further 73kms in severe pain and being unable to lift his left leg.

He withdrew on his own terms, still within cut off, and long after many more experienced ultra-runners had pulled out. Achieving his Big Hairy Audacious Goal of 100 miler before 50 and raising breast cancer awareness and much needed funds for the McGrath Foundation.

A HUGE thank you MUST go to his amazing crew ‘Team Seagull’, his supporters, the volunteers and medics along the course, without whom he would not have achieved his goal.

Will he give it another go in 2019?

Would you be there to support him?

Watch this space….

The Seagull's Crew - the awesome team supporting The Seagull with this crazy event:

Event Coordination- working behind the scenes to plan, prepare, promote and pull the whole event together are Ian Ferguson, Marnie Grace, Justine Horrocks and The Seagull.


Crew Chief- the point of contact for race officials and the person with the The Seagull’s safety, health and well being as their main priority during the event is Jayne Carmody.


Official Support Crew- responsible for ensuring The Seagull has everything he needs during the event to keep his mind, body and most importantly legs moving through the 54 hours and 217km of the course, accessing him on a large part of the course and at the official checkpoints, are Jayne Carmody, Mark Carmody, Ian Ferguson and Justine Horrocks.


Camp Crew- providing the support crew with a base at each checkpoint to enable a smooth transition for The Seagull and the pacers are Andy Holland, Brett Gallie and Gus Strangis.


Pacers- accompanying The Seagull and keeping him motivated and moving at various points of the course, both day and night, are Mark Carmody, Andrew Morrison, Kirk Maplestone, Steve Lee and Justin Mason


Additional support during the 54 hours of the event is provided by Klara StrangisGill Donald, Marnie Grace and Ron Tait (back up pacer).   

Lots more help and support is required in the lead up to the event and any offers of assistance are welcomed and greatly appreciated-just contact Justine .

And if you are free over the weekend of the event, come and make lots of noise and support The Seagull and the other runners along the course- they will definitely need it.

The crew tops 
Team Seagull- the amazing crew
missing Andy & Brett 
The running tops 
Silent Auction: 

​The Seagull ran a silent auction which concluded at The Seagull's Fundraising Evening on 3rd March at 8.30pm. 

The Silent Auction raised $1219 

The items auctioned included: Warburton Trail Fest entry x2, Surf Coast Trail Marathon entry x2, Afterglow entry x2, Trail Run Magazine 1 year subscription, Wonderland Run entry, Peninsula Hot Springs Bath House Bathing Pass x2, Glenn McGrath signed pink cap, 1 bottle of Penfolds Bin 707 Cabernet Sauvignon 1994, Australian International Airshow 2019 tickets x 2, limited edition PTR keyring and PTR decal, 1:1 life coaching session and a professional singer.

Fundraising Evening: 

​The Seagull held an evening fundraising event at Dromana Life Saving Club on 3/3/18.

Thank you to all those that opened their hearts and wallets to support the event and came along on the night to meet the Seagull and his amazing crew for DU135.  

Entry was by donation, there was a raffle and awesome cocktails available, the Silent Auction concluded and the winner of the PTR's 100 Club was announced on the night. 

Thanks to everyone's generosity the event raised $2305, which means the Seagull's has exceeded his target of raising $5000.  Fundraising total currently over $7000 

The Seagull's fabulous supporters for this crazy event

Thank you to the following for your generous donations: 

Sarah Jackson, Joanna Adamson, Justine & Johnny Horrocks, Michael Sladin, Try Bennett, Andrew Bainbridge, Kate Atkinson, Ian Ferguson, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Veronica Bachmann, Kylee Woods, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Jodi Anderson, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Zoe-Ann Campbell, Karen McKeown, Peninsula Trail Runners, Leanne Robertson, Carolyn Donovan, Sarah Jackson, Jayne and Mark Carmody, ​Sarah Wilson, Gail Higgins, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Shelley De Luca, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Alan Smyth, Cindy Robins, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Marnie Grace, Paula James, Joanna Maidment, Haydn Quirk, Klara and Gus Strangis, Maureen MacDonald, Maree Boyle, Mark and Jayne Carmody, Tallon Tulloch, Mark and Jayne Carmody, Caroline Tsaganas, CBC Facilities Maintenance Pty Ltd, Caitlin Youngson, Steve Lee, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Angus Carmody, Andy Holland, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Rod Stevenson, Olinka Pullar, Annabel Brown, Jodie Hogan, Margaret Quigley, Seema Maharaj, Bec Jolly, Joy Gleeson, Tanya McRae, Elena Cumming, Jayne and Mark Carmody, Peak 15 Performance Training Bootcamp , Kirsten (Kirk) Maplestone, Ian Ferguson

Wellbeing Natural Health Group

Wellbeing are right behind the Seagull ensuring his body is in the optimal condition both physically and mentally to take on this massive challenge, and with the much needed recovery afterwards, by providing chiropractic care, message therapy, acupuncture and psychology support. 

Wellbeing is located in Langwarrin and Mt Eliza and has 21 practitioners covering 27 natural health disciplines to work with pro-active people who want to look after themselves and their family, and who respect the body's innate ability to heal itself.

The Seagull and his family attend Wellbeing on a regular basis for maintenance of body function

Shine Design 

Shine Design have the Seagull’s back by clothing it during the 54 hours/217km of the event, providing him with tech running tops and ensuring he has sufficient changes to keep him fresh and focused on the kms ahead.

Shine Design has been developed to offer modern design concepts in the creation and development of identities for new and existing companies, brands, and organisations. Original ideas, and rebranding, to get your name out there in a positive light.

Shine Design supply Peninsula Trail Runners with all the awesome personalised tech merchandise you see out on the trials.


The exclusively designed tops just for this event were available for purchase for a limited time


Steigen will be helping the Seagull’s feet take him where his heart wants to go –the whole 217kms –by providing him with socks to ensure his feet remain cool, comfortable and blister free.


Steigen is a sports brand focusing on apparel that is comfortable, stylish and very practical, designed specifically to meet the needs of professional athletes by athletes who understand what is required in a high performance garment and their socks come with a Blister Free Guarantee-BONUS!


The Seagull uses Steigen socks for all his ultra running because “they are cool, lightweight and super thin”


Footpro will be with the Seagull throughout the event - the whole 217km/54hrs - by providing his footwear, hydration and clothing needs, which include: 2 pairs of Altra Olympus max-cushioned trail shoes, gaiters, a Salomon S/Lab Peak 20 hydration backpack, a Salomon seam sealed jacket, 2XU calf socks and Salomon gloves.

Footpro are the industry leaders in running shoe fitting, ski boot fitting, gait analysis and custom moulded insoles and orthotics for all sports, all levels of athlete and every day use.  Comfort and performance is their goal and their team of footwear technicians are mature, knowledgeable and come from a range of health professional back-grounds such as strength and conditioning and podiatry. The products they stock are handpicked to accommodate the sports they love.  Brand names are important but their focus is function, fit and 100% Comfort Guaranteed.

The Seagull heads to Footpro for all his trail running needs and they are an active supporter of the Peninsula Trail Runners.

Print Locker 

Print Locker are looking after the Seagull by ensuring he can find his Crew at every checkpoint by providing them with tops that will make them stand out and be noticed.


Print Locker have been providing customised clothing for years and they understand that quality can make all the difference. Their team work tirelessly to ensure their customers don't just enjoy some of the most stylish personalised garments available, they can also take care of the design process. If it's stylish printed garments and unique apparel that you're looking for, then get onto Print Locker.

Print Locker supply Peninsula Trail Runners with all the awesome personalised casual merchandise you see out and about at runs and events.

The exclusively designed tops just for this event were worn by Team Seagull with pride

hockingstuart Frankston/Cranbourne  

Hockingstuart Frankston/Cranbourne and Brett Stickland is helping to support the Seagull’s crew as they move from checkpoint to checkpoint along the 217kms of the course over the 54hrs of the event, so that they can support the Seagull complete this crazy challenge.

Hockingstuart Frankston/Cranbourne is a multi-award winning two office network specialising in both residential Sales and Property Management. Their local knowledge combined with all things real estate and their passionate and dedicated staff allows them to serve all your real estate sales and property management needs, delivering the best customer experience.


Hockingstuart Frankston/Cranbourne and Brett Stickland are also an active supporter of the Peninsula Trail Runners

Our fundraising supporters

Tour de Trails 

Chris Ord and Tour de Trails are supporting the Seagull by providing some AWESOME prizes that will be available via the Silent Auction which concludes at the Seagull’s Evening Fundraising Event on 3rd March.

Who wants free entry to some of the BEST trail running events- The Warburton Trail Fest, The Surf Coast Marathon and Afterglow? And what about free subscription to the FABULOUS Trail Run Magazine?

Tour de Trails' mission is to explore wild and wondrous environments worldwide by running through them, uncovering legendary stories of running feats throughout history, and retracing pilgrimage routes across the globe. Simply..."adventures in running". They will take you on wild journeys along the finest single rack there is to be run in the world. Occasionally, they also branch out to provide awesome trail run events such as the Surf Coast Trail Marathon, the Warburton Trail Festival and Afterglow.

The Seagull has a love for the well organised, fun trail run events hosted by Tour De Trails

Peninsula Hot Springs

Peninsula Hot Springs are supporting the Seagull by providing 2 WONDERFULLY RELAXING off-peak Bath House bathing passes that will be available via the Silent Auction which concludes at the Seagull’s Evening Fundraising Event on 3rd March.

Peninsula Hot Springs is the first natural hot springs and day spa centre in Victoria around 1.5hrs from Melbourne in Rye on the Mornington Peninsula. Natural thermal mineral waters flow into the pools and private baths providing the idyllic setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.
Peninsula Hot Springs makes it possible to bathe in the naturally healing waters of mineral rich thermal pools.

The Seagull has been known to head to the Hot Springs to relax his aching muscles after a long run.

Louisa Augello- Pilates Instructor, Redial Massage Therapist and founder of Resolve and Restore Health

Louisa is supporting the Seagull by providing an AWESOME  30 minute massage that will be up for grabs as a Raffle Prize at the Evening Fundraising event on 3rd March 2018. 

Louisa's vast experience and qualifications allow her to tailor her treatments to meet an individual’s needs. Louisa’s focus is providing every day health to everyday people, in an accessible environment at an affordable price... Health Care is not just for the wealthy.

The Seagull is very familiar with Louisa's services and his family use her services on a regular basis.


Contact Louisa by mobile: 0439 000 057  or email:

Big Long Run

Rohan Day and Big Long Run are supporting the Seagull by providing an AWESOME prize pack that is available via the Silent Auction which concludes at the Seagull’s Evening Fundraising Event on 3rd March.

Everybody loves Wonderland Run Grampians, and even better when it is a free entry AND includes a Wonderland THIR and sticker.


Big Long Run brings us Wonderland Run Grampians and Two Bays Trail Run, two of the BEST trail running events in Victoria.


The Seagull has a love for both these AWESOME events.

Baxter Tavern 

Baxter Tavern are supporting the Seagull by providing $25 meal vouchers and bottles of wine that will be up for grabs as raffle prizes at the Evening Fundraising event on 3rd March 2018.

The Baxter Tavern’s Bistro is open for lunch and dinner and offers an extensive menu, providing air conditioning in summer and roaring log fires in the winter months and live entertainment Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons. It also has a public bar, TAB and gaming services, a Motel, bottle shop and ample parking. The Baxter Tavern and its friendly staff take hospitality seriously and work hard to satisfy its customers.

The Seagull can often be found at the Baxter enjoying a meal with friends and family on a Wednesday evening.

Bookings 03 5971 2207

Your business name could feature here

​Contact Justine on 01413832135 for information on how you could support The Seagull with this crazy event

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